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Advantages of Insulated Garage Doors

03/12/2015 Back To Blog

The garage was designed for the purpose of storing and protecting vehicles from the harsh elements of nature or from thieves and robbers who might want to steal them. Traditionally, people spend time here to perform routine maintenance or repairs on their cars. Nowadays, people also use them for other purposes, such as their personal home gym or makeshift wood shop, or even a band studio – hence, the term garage band. In short, you can do almost anything inside for extended periods of time if you have the proper set up.Insulated Garage Doors


Temperature control is important always

Spending more time in your garage means you have to invest in smart temperature control so that you can access it regardless of the season. Imagine replacing your car tire during a cold winter afternoon or the height of summer inside a non-insulated garage. At once, having an insulated door would give you the advantage of being able to stay inside without worrying about extreme temperatures that may seep in from the outside. As trivial as it may seem to some people, insulation will pay off in the long run if you spend most of your time in the garage. This brings in a positive impact on your electricity bills.


Insulated garage doors also regulate sound

Since most insulated aluminum overhead doors utilize polystyrene sheets or expanding polyurethane, your garage will never be too cold or too hot. Apart from regulating the temperature, these durable insulation materials also absorb sound and vibrations from inside your garage. This means that the door opener will make less noise when accessing the door panels. Also, thanks to the sound proofing, you can drill and saw and craft entire furniture sets with your power tools or rock out with your band to the dead of night without worrying about noise complaints from your neighbors. 


Insulated garage doors can be purchased online or at your local dealers. However, our residential garage door service company can also install insulation at your convenience. Garage Door Repair Shoreview provides other services such as broken spring replacement and lubrication maintenance.

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