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The moment your garage doors start acting up, make it a point to call us immediately. All our customer service representatives are well trained to answer any concern or query you might have regarding your doors. They will be able to assist you with any immediate troubleshooting need you might have. After which, we will immediately dispatch one of our experienced door specialists to take a look at your problems. They are all highly trained to fix any issues you might have with your doors. Should you need any repairs or installations done, our technicians would be able to provide you with the services you need.

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The best spring repair service

When we found out that our garage door spring needed to be replaced we didn’t know what this would entail. The service technicians of Garage Door Repair Shoreview made us feel very comfortable with the process and assured us they wouldn’t inconvenience us for any longer than necessary to make the needed repairs. They were right. After I returned from running a few errands, I was able to use my garage once again. They do what they say they will do. What more can you ask for from a professional service provider?

Avoiding a burglary

We had been hearing about burglaries in our neighborhood and became concerned. We made sure we did what was necessary to ensure that our home doesn’t become a target by contacting Garage Door Repair Shoreview. They helped us by making sure there was no way possible for a burglar to enter our home through the garage. They explained the safety feature our remote has called a rolling code, which is unique in that it provides a different code that can’t be tracked, whenever we use our remote. We also have a garage door opener with sensors that detect motion inside our garage. I’m glad we chose such a professional service to assist us.

Garage door cable snapped out of nowhere!

My garage door seemed to be in good worked order, and it isn’t that old, but the other day I tried to open it using the opener and suddenly the cable broke, just like that! I looked up companies that offer same day garage door service repair, and that's when I came across this company. They were very thorough with their repairs, I didn't feel they rushed through it yet at the same time they worked quickly. I'm very happy I used them for my cable repair, and I know if I have any other problems I can call them!

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