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Do you know what precautions to take to keep safe? These garage door tips will help you

Don't hesitate to ask help

Garage door problems are serious. The smallest issue can compromise your safety. That's why garage door repairs must take place at once. Don't ever hesitate to ask assistance from our experts if you find yourself in an impossible situation. Getting assistance is the smartest thing you can do.

Maintain the electric opener often

Garage door opener maintenance is not necessary only when there are actual problems. Their good inspection, tightening of bolts, chain lubrication and sensors adjustment will ensure that your safety is guaranteed and problems will be eliminated. This way, you can prevent issues and enjoy a functional system.

Keep your manuals handy

Our garage door specialists suggest putting the manual of your overhead door and garage door opener handy. They will be useful references when you are not sure of something. Every unit has its own manual and safety instructions, so have an easy access to it for minor problems.

Get a belt drive opener for a quieter operation

A belt drive opener is considered the best unit in terms of quiet performance. However, it is also pretty costly. That amount is worth it, however, if you have a room adjacent or directly above the garage. Be wise in investing on a quality door operator because a fuss free operation is definitely valuable.

Do not attempt to adjust, repair or replace a torsion spring

All of these tasks involve a considerable safety risk and should not be performed by a person who does not have the required technical skills. The risk comes from the fact that the spring is loaded with an amount of force that matches the weight of the door. If this force gets released accidentally, it can cause serious injuries.

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